The Role of Scent in Marketing-Click Here for More Information

When consumers linger in a business, they tend to spend more money. In fact, research shows when a retail location has a pleasant smell, people tend to stay up to 44 percent longer. With many scents to select from, every business should be able to find one that fits their image and benefits their business. It may be the smell of new sneakers, the scent of freshly baked cookies, or a perfume that drifts to the visitor’s nose as he or she walks through a department. However, it can be challenging to distribute an aroma through a large space. Fortunately, there are diffusers that can be of help with this.

The Importance of Smell

When a person smells something, it tends to bring certain emotions to the forefront. If exposed to a pleasant scent, a person’s mood may improve significantly and they will spend more time in a location that makes them feel good. This is why they may linger in a retail location with a pleasing aroma. The choice of scent is important in creating the right mood, however. For example, a gym may wish to use a citrus scent because this tends to energize people. In contrast, a doctor may choose sandalwood to calm individuals as they wait to be seen. For this reason, every business needs to choose their scent carefully.

How Much is Too Much?

A business owner needs to find the right amount of scent to produce the desired effect. Fortunately, the human brain only needs a minute amount to process and react to a specific aroma. In fact, an emotional response is triggered even before the brain becomes aware of the presence of the scent. Women also have a stronger sense of smell, especially during pregnancy, and a person’s age and cultural background can have an impact on how they react to a scent. For this reason, businesses need to remember less is more when it comes to scenting a space.

To learn more about the use of scent in businesses, click here. Scent marketing has been shown to be very effective in many organizations. It may Be of benefit to yours, so learn more today.